Man-Scaping: What Causes New Hair Growth?

You might have noticed it shedding away from the top of your scalp, where you want it most, but why has that hair travelled to so many unfamiliar places? The truth is that it is common for aging men to experience unwanted hair growth in places like the ears, nose, and even on the back. If you are among them, then you likely wonder why it stops growing in some areas and starts in others.

It is common knowledge that, as a person ages, the state of hair changes. It can change in color, texture, and in fullness. The change, for men, becomes most notable as their bodies begin to produce a series of hormones known as androgen. Included in that group of hormones is the much talked about, testosterone. Typically, this production begins just after puberty for males. It will then level of when those men reach their fifties. Unfortunately, that means that most of the genetically-related hair loss will occur during those years in between. The good news, however, is what you have at sixty will most likely stick it out until the end because, just as hormone reduction leads to an increased need of the HCG diet as the metabolism slows, the reduced androgen means that hair follicles become more stable.

Hair loss is expected by many man, particularly those who have seen the men before them go bald, but what about the random sprouting elsewhere? Millions of men complain regularly about the small tufts of hair that can develop in their ears, in their noses or down their back, just as they begin to lose what they have on top of their heads. Just as the hair follicles up there respond to increased androgen levels, follicles elsewhere on the body can as well. In some instances, the dose of hormones can encourage hair growth, like that seen in the ears, nose, and on the back.

The good news is that there are many tools on the market today that can help address the unwanted increase in hair growth. Many of them, such as trimmers and razors, can be used in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, when the hair has made a home on your back, it can be difficult to address on your own. You will likely require the help of a spouse, loved one, or a professional. Waxing is commonly done in salons and spas around the country. It is quick, relatively affordable, and can provide longer lasting results that shaving alone will. The downside, of course, is the pain that it causes in the moment. If you have a hard time with pain, but really want to opt for waxing, you might consider taking an over the counter pain medication prior to your visit.

For hair in the ears or on the back, there is another option for removal. It is less painful and even longer lasting than waxing would be. Visiting a laser studio in Austin is a good idea if you are considering laser hair removal. Austin technicians can perform near miracles with the concentrated light beams. Though it will take a few sessions, the ultimate outcome can be a permanent removal of the hair in the treated area, which is great news for those who want to do away with the hair in less than desirable locales.

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How to Choose a Hair Salon That is Right for You

Looking for a new hair salon with the best hair colorist austin? Before you simply book an appointment with the first place you see listed on Facebook or in the Yellow Pages, you may want to do a bit more thinking. After all, while a good hair salon can make your locks look amazing, an appointment with a poor stylist can make you look awful for the next several weeks, and that’s a set of bad-hair days no one wants to go through. This quick guide, though, should help you choose the salon that’s right for you. Ask them about a Austin Texas Facial and a referral to spray tanning salons.

The first thing you’ll want to do is talk to other people about their hair salon. Colleagues, friends (real or virtual), and even family members are a good choice. In this case, even a stranger is an excellent choice. If you see someone on the train whose hair you like, ask her where she goes. Lots of people are pretty pleased that you even noticed, and they’ll be happy to tell you where they go on a regular basis. As you begin to ask around, however, don’t forget to think about type and texture. While one stylist may be able to make a head of naturally curly locks look fantastic, another might only do well with fine, straight hair. Taking the recommendations of those with hair like yours is a good choice. They can recommend a good lumi for you.

You may also want to search online for good salons in your area. Many of them have portfolios so you can review some of their best work, and that’s a decent indicator of how well a salon can do with your hair.
After you’ve narrowed it down a bit, it’s time to set up a few consultation sessions. These visits shouldn’t cost you anything, and most salons will be happy to set them up for you. As you speak with the stylist, make sure you seem to click with the individual. In this case, your first impression is almost always right. Don’t forget to consider how your stylist presents herself. If her hair looks awful, how good of a job can she possibly do with yours in the process. Make sure she asks you lots of questions. Most of them will involve your past hair styles and any questions about chemical treatments you might have. Consider any type of continuing education program the salon requires its stylists to attend as well. Finally, don’t hesitate to look around while you’re there. If the salon doesn’t look clean and organized, it’s probably not. They can also help you with a makeup lesson.Once you choose the right salon, don’t forget to start a bit slowly. You may want to have a simple trim or have your hair styled just before a weekend that you don’t have much planned. If things don’t work out, the damage will be minimal, and you won’t have just ruined your hair for weeks with a brand new color session or serious chemical treatment. If you’re happy at the end of the process, it just means you’ve found the ideal new spot. If not, begin talking to more people to find the right hair salon to meet your needs. Remember they can answer your questions about male waxing, shu hair products and bridal makup services.

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Taking Care of a Baby’s Teeth

Taking Care of a Baby’s Teeth

When your newborn child is born, the last thing on your mind is likely dealing with their dental hygiene, but it is important for a parent to begin to take care of their child’s oral and dental hygiene as soon as they can after they are born. Most Austin dental professionals and dental clinics Austin Texas recommend that parents learn how to take care of their child’s mouth and the signs to look for that may point to a painful condition that is known as thrush.

Basic Care

When a child is born, they have teeth in their mouth, even though the teeth are under the gums. When a child is done feeding, it is recommended that a warm, clean wash cloth is used to gently wash the inside of their mouth. This, pediatricians believe, can help to prevent a condition known as thrush.

Thrush is a fungal infection that is caused by yeast, or Candida, that appears in the mouth. The condition can spread through an infant’s body and can appear not only in their mouth but also in a form of diaper rash. Parents who recognize the signs of thrush can get their children treated faster, which allows their children to get well faster and makes it more difficult for the condition to spread. You will want to teach your child to have the best oral hygiene to avoid things like
porcelain facings, Austin teeth bonding and ceramic teeth later in life.

Later in Life

All dentists will agree that the best way to make sure that children have good oral habits is to make sure that they learn early in life how to take care of their teeth, and this comes from the parents. Parents who teach their children how to take care of their mouth will have children who enjoy brushing their teeth and having white and clean teeth. When a child is very young, however, they do not understand why their gums may start to hurt. Teething is a condition that can start around the age of three months but is generally begun when a child is around six months old. At this point children start drooling and often get very irritable from dental gum cutting. Parents can ease the pain by gently massaging the gums or by using a cool teething ring or a teething biscuit. Once the teeth have started to erupt, parents can continue to wash their child’s mouth using a clean washcloth, keeping the tooth clean and starting a lifelong habit of good oral hygiene.


Early Childhood Cavities, or ECC, is a condition that is often called baby bottle tooth decay, and is caused by a child being allowed to fall asleep with a bottle that has liquids other than water and by a child having sugary beverages and too many carbohydrates. It is always a good idea for parents to put children to bed either with a pacifier or a bottle that has only pure water in it, so that this condition can be avoided, as it may indicate that there is a very large risk for severe tooth decay as the child grows to become an adult. You may want to speak with a cosmetic dentist about invisible braces Austin early on if your child has crooked teeth. Teeth whitening has also become a more poular option for younger patients.

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Is The 2010 Ford Escape The Right SUV For You?

Is The 2010 Ford Escape The Right SUV For You?

The Ford Escape is an SUV that gives you good mileage and the power to go with it. This SUV comes with a two hundred and forty horse power V6 engine that, when hooked up correctly, can haul a good sized boat or camper. The Ford Escape is capable of towing up to three-thousand and five hundred pounds. In addition to its strong towing capability, the 2010 Ford Escape comes with Trailer Sway Control to adjust and compensate for the sway of what is being towed. Ford is committed to your safety, and the 2010 Ford Escape is part of that commitment. To aid on rough terrain, Ford has added the intelligent 4WD system to maximize traction capabilities automatically while on, or off, the road. Be sure and check out the new 2010 Ford Expedition Austin Texas, Ford Taurus Austin and the 2011 Ford F-250.

When it comes to gas, many cars can only run on one type of fuel. The 2010 Ford Escape boasts Flex-Fuel capable engines (the Duratec V6), allowing you to run your SUV on regular fuel or E85, or any mix of the two as the fuels are available. With a Flex Fuel capable engine, you won’t have to worry about running out of a special gas and not being able to replace it on a long trip. When it comes to fuel-efficiency, with a 2.5 liter Duratec I-4 engine, you could get twenty-eight miles to the gallon on the highway and twenty-two miles to the gallon in the city. You choose between a five speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic transmission, giving you the chance to drive the way you want to drive.

The 2010 Ford Escape is spacious as well as fuel-efficient and safe. You have the option of folding down the back seats to create extra cargo space or leaving the seats up for another couple of passengers. It’s the perfect family or travel SUV, capable of holding five passengers. Plus, this SUV is styled to be sporty, and you know when you choose your Ford Escape that you can choose any number of packages and styling that will make your vehicle unique and serve the purpose you need it to serve. You can even add a roof rack to carry extra cargo, or choose a moon roof to enjoy the sky. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find them with the 2010 Ford Escape. If you need a larger vehicle ask about the Ford Econoline Cargo Van.

There are also a number of technological features you can choose to install into your Ford Escape. These include the SYNC system for your phone, the Dual-Headrest entertainment system (perfect for keeping kids entertained on long family trips), a rear-view camera, MyKey, ambient lighting, and the active park assist system, meant to make it easier to parallel park.

With so many options to choose from, the 2010 Ford Escape may be the dream car you have been waiting for. You can get the Ford Escape from your local dealership. With a dedicated respect for customers, the dealership is happy to help you find the car and package that will best suit your needs and your budget. You may want to ask them about the 2010 Ford Fusion, 2011 Ford F-350 Austin Texas or the 2011 Ford Flex Austin TX.

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Police Concentrating on Video to Get a Clue of the Death of the 5-Year-Old Boy

Police Concentrating on Video to Get a Clue of the Death of the 5-Year-Old Boy

Julian Salazar Soliz, the death of this five-year-old boy, is now creating sensations among the crowd. Travis county Sheriff’s office is investigating this homicide case. On Thursday, in an East Austin funeral home, friends and family of this boy gather to mourn his death. Covered in numerous colorful silk flowers and white cloth his casket arrived in a cemetery in South Austin. This private funeral and the subsequent burial were attended by dozens of people. The family and friends of Julian marked another day of mourning.
According to Police reports, the boy was found to have disappeared from his Shoreline apartment home in northern Travis County early on Saturday. In the nearby Wells Branch area, the boy’s body was discovered later that day from a yard of a home. The boy’s 21-year father, Leonard “Ivan” Soliz reported that the boy was found dead and was said to have died suffering from internal injuries. The boy was in the custody of his 22-year-old girlfriend Nichole Turner. Soliz told in a report that the boy went off missing before Turner got up early on that morning.
Representative for the Travis County sheriff’s office, Roger Wade says, “Investigators are reviewing hundreds of hours of surveillance video from cameras in the Wells Branch area to collect additional information.” He further adds, “We’re thinking outside the box and trying to locate evidence and leads concerning the case, and one of the ways we did that was by going around and looking around for videotape”. This videotape might turn out to be helpful as it might give them a clue regarding Julian’s death. He further commented that Sheriff’s office has received some important clues and the investigators who are working on the case “are gathering some good information.”
The father of the boy reportedly has last seen the boy the day before his death and his 23-year-old mother Jessica Salazar informed authorities that since the last one month, she had not seen her son. The boy’s father has a past criminal record of assault charges against his present girlfriend Nichole Turner in 2006. According to reports, when he was 18, he tried to choke his girlfriend, who was 19 at that time.
A report says that in 2004, Child Protective Services has probed Soliz and Salazar as they hurt their 3-month-old child in a family boil. CPS found a “neglectful supervision” on the parents’ part and closed the case. They thought this was just a mistake and would never be repeated as the parents might have realized their mistake. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services opined that.
Last year, the young couple was involved in a case for the custody of their child in the Texas attorney general’s office but the case was closed without any reason. This incident shows the limitation of these agencies to clarify the incidents.